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[Awesome 2014 examples of client projects, PDF 7.0 mb]


What do we do? First we listen. Then we help you find and focus the power within your Strategy and its Story. Next we help you find ways to build it and tell it. At right, What's New offers just a few examples of our approach, a pretty cool method called Bricolage. Or you could load the above pdf and get an eyeful of about 20 really great Experiences we helped create in space, print, web, TV and more.

You'll find us helping small and medium-sized businesses, educators, arts organizations and non-profits. Anyone who needs smart help and fresh eyes, ears and energy but can't afford a cast of thousands to make their vision happen. A few requests:
  • Community/Brand Facilitation, Positioning & Creative
  • Repositioning & Adaptive Reuse of Brands or Spaces
  • Speculative Properties, Re-zoning and Pre-branding
  • Brand & Product Development
  • Company Restructuring & Repositioning
  • Educational Development & Coaching
  • Strategic & Leadership Consulting
A wild mix? Not really. They're all about good story and who gets to play and enjoy the benefits. Welcome to our website. We try to  leverage thoughtfulness and resourcefulness around here, we love fresh ideas, and we admire people who share what they know. You'll find lots of design, messages, and people tools we've developed that you might find thought provoking. Look around. See what we do and why, learn who we are or leave us a message. Expect a reply. Probably questions, too. And thanks for visiting.

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Elements of Innovation - Coming Fall 2014

A study in flow and the meaning of innovation
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Message & Coherence. Problem Solving.
Value Creation. Strategy & Demographics.
Brain & Brand

What are the above 5 blocks about? check out...
What are The Elements of Purposefully Successful Effort?

What's new:

word cloud of North Boulevard-Scotts Addition beforeWatch this space for details and materials of the North Boulevard/Scott's Addition project we took on with TMI-Richmond. Here is the Final Narrative Report (30+ pgs, 3.9 mb) Read it, try some of the exercises yourself. Then take your ideas and overlay them with what the community learned about their needs and desires to see if your vision fits or enhances theirs....Happy reading. pondering and planning!

Young History Makers A documentary and student experience we co-created for The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia. It's about applying the ideas of Joseph Campbell and The Hero's Journey to African American icons of yesterday and today while helping young people become more powerful, confident communicators. Watch it here!

word cloud of North Boulevard-Scotts Addition before Join us for a series of immersive community collaborations on the Future of Richmond's North Boulevard and Scott's Addition, February 8th & March 1st. sponsored by Councilman Charles Samuels. Bring your imagination and ambition, leave the Devil's Advocate hat at home. Details here

Richmond Canal Walk Imgination Collaboration has a nice article looking at the hands-on August 28 Saturday morning session we facilitated on Experience Design and the components of Placemaking. Topic: Discovering a Community Imagination of The Canal - Its purpose, ambition, and sensations. 

2010 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Muuse Awards We're pleased as punch and honored to be among the  semi-finalists for the 2010 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Muse Awards for creativity and innovation in business. The Un-Gala is June 16th and we have nothing to wear!  The Muse Awards site

Highlight Richmond as an innovation center Alchemy will be presenting and participating in Richmond Innovation Celebration, an exciting conversation and workshop hosted by GRPVa, Catch your limit, and VCU's da Vinci Center. Floricane has some insight and detail

Young History Makers
Hero's Journey has 4 simple requirements
UPDATE: View the film here! In May, we're wrapping a documentary for The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia. It's about applying the ideas of Joseph Campbell and The Hero's Journey to African American icons of yesterday and today while helping young people become more powerful, confident communicators. Until it's ready, check out the Young History Maker's program premise and kids' Hero's Journey guide? (PDFs)

MLW thumb Richmond Matters is the short title of an aspirational & practical-minded grass-roots strategy to Brand The City and Region, offering example stories begun by Alchemy partners to address this long-standing challenge. Join the Facebook Group, or hit Shared Air to see & learn more. Or try the short presentation video.

2009 River City Saunter Bus Tour Partnership for Smarter Growth asked for help refocusing their strategic message via the 2nd Annual River City Saunter Bus Tour for RE Developers, PSG Partner orgs and Regional Political Decision-makers. See Hearts, Minds, Hands, Actions, Prizes, ahem, in motion. (jpeg)

Mark Brady, Alchemy - Richmond Times-Dispatch interview Our Creative Director, Mark Brady, spoke to the Richmond Times-Dispatch for its 2010 series on Race, Richmond and History. Premise? Our stories of struggle need not be embarrasing or downplayed. Just the opposite: commonly admired human ambitions to achieve and overcome define and bind us and our many historic examples make the Richmond region special. Go here for articles and the video of Mark and others. 

Little Red Wagon Zach's Walk On June 29, we were pleased to coordinate and host Zach Bonner's Richmond stop on his Walk to the Whitehouse for children's homelessness. Virginia’s First Lady Anne Holton, Mayor Dwight Jones, RPS Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Brandon, and Richmond Community Leaders all came out to support Zach @ the State Capitol. View the Youtube videos of the event and speakers here

shrimp_thumb When you're all about helping companies and teams find resilience and resourcefulness, it helps to be able to laugh --mua-hahaha!-- at the opposite of those traits. It's a work in progress, but take a peek and see if you recognize your company or co-workers, or maybe someone else's: "The Executive Lexicon & Big Book of Business Wisdom."

helpdesk_thumb Speakers and Customer Service Experts Phil Gerbyshak & Jeffrey Brooks wrote a cool book, Help Desk Manager's Crash Course, all about creating and managing high-performing customer service teams. They came to us for a book design and marketing ideas. It's a hit, and turning into micro-books and a package for new-hires.

mindgames_thumb This is the sixth season Alchemy partners have coached J.B. Fisher Elementary School teams in the citywide MindGames. After a 1-2 finish in 2007, the 2009 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th Grade teams claimed both First Places overall against a strong field of all 29 Richmond Elementaries. Link to pics.

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